Hi there! I am a recent graduate from UC Santa Barbara, now living in the suburbs of Seattle. I work at Microsoft and I love cars, hiking, and non-fiction books. I started this blog because I realized after college that writing things down is a great way to solidify what you’re learning (especially when there aren’t any exams or homework).

My mother and I at Chihuly Gardens

I studied Statistics and Technology Management in college, but my college years were largely defined by founding and growing the university’s Data Science club and competing in the yearly startup competition. When I changed my major to statistics, there wasn’t any campus group for students interested in analytics or data science. The club took off and is still going strong today. During my last year in college, I teamed up with my best friends to validate the product-market fit for a juvenile diabetes alerting device. This was part of UCSB’s annual New Venture Competition. It was a fantastic learning experience and a great introduction to the concepts of market research/validation.

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